Paraprofessionals: Tools for Your Toolbox

This online course for “Paraprofessionals: Tools for Your Toolkit” break down each of the seven tools into two or three parts, and include a video for each part, a pre-assessment, a post-assessment, reflection questions, and useful resources that are relevant to each tool’s content. The topics covered throughout these seven tools include: Understanding Disabilities, Roles & Responsibilities, Collaborating with Teachers, Academic Instruction, Accommodations & Modifications, Empowering Students to Be Independent, and Managing Behaviors. This course is designed to allow self-paced learning and to provide time for reflection throughout. We anticipate that each of these 7 tools would take 1 ½ – 3 hours to complete individually, depending on the tool’s content and time spent on the activities and assessments.

Executive Functions: Impact on Academics & Interventions for Deficits

This online course discusses executive functioning, how executive functioning works with academics, instructional techniques for working with students with executive functioning deficits, and strategies for supporting and building executive functioning skills.

Functional Skills for Special Education Students

This online course covers the four areas of functional skills that are pertinent for special education students: including life skills, community-based skills, social skills, and functional academic skills. This course also covers best practices for writing measurable functional skills goals and connecting those to common core standards utilizing the connector standards.

Creating Effective Sensory Breaks in the School Setting

This online course breaks down each of the eight sensory processing areas, how to identify students with sensory needs, and strategies for implementing sensory activities and sensory breaks into both the special education and general education classroom.